Hi dear friends,
What a journey we’re on. I have absolutely loved sharing this time with you via our Zoom gatherings. What a warm community of souls. Thank you all for your open hearted sharing and authenticity. It allowed us all just to be who we are….and for that to be OK. x

I am now moving back into ‘live’ sessions and so from this week my offerings via zoom will change. TRE Zoom will no longer run on Tuesdays….BUT….some of you have asked if we could continue Zooming after lockdown and I’d love to. It’s been great seeing you all…. and of course those of you I wouldn’t normally see, from the other side of the UK and abroad.

Although during this 4 month period of Lockdown I have been able to offer these Zoom practices for free. I have much gratitude to those of you who have been able to give donations. This has been really appreciated.
I will though now need to charge for my future offerings.


  • My TRE Zoom offerings will be Monthly.
 Starting on the first Monday in the Month at 3.00pm
Next one Monday 3rd August
Cost £10
To join the Zoom you can reserve a place by making a BAC’s payment. And I’ll send you the new link.
please email me for my BAC’s details.

One final Zoom Yoga Nidra will be on the 27th July. 11.30 am. FREE

Here’s the link
  • Returning to Sharing Yoga live from 18th August at Exeter Natural Health Centre.
5.30 pm  – 7.15 pm
Cost £10
Due to maintaining 2 metre distancing, there will be a limited number of spaces, It will now be necessary to book a place in advance. Please email me if you’d like to reserve a space. Payment will be by BAC’s to avoid handling cash.
  • Trialling New Zoom Live Yoga
For those who are not able to attend a live class or when all ‘live’ spaces have been reserved. I will be trialling live Zooming the class (  zoom attendees will see me and others on Zoom but not those attending the live class). This will mean you can enjoy the same class experience from home. Please email to book. Payment will be by BAC’s to avoid handing cash.
Tuesdays 5.30 pm – 7.15 pm
Cost £10
  • I’m waiting to hear about returning to sharing Yoga Classes at Topsham Estuary Clinic.
I shall keep you posted.
  • I will no longer be recording weekly Yoga classes after the end of July.
You would have a laugh if you could watch my process of recording these….’out take’ after ‘out take’. It takes yonks! So I will happily park that one. Maybe if I master the tech, I will try to record my live classes ( only me visible) so long as the live participants are not affected at all.
  • Excited to see my Yoga Studio building developing. I’ll be able to share pics soon. Soooooo excited!
Hoping to share the moment with you soon.
Sending a warm hug to you.
With Love
Jo x

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