TRE Feedback

“Thank you so much for Monday, it was very successful and I felt calm and controlled. Thank you again Jo, you are a very talented teacher and I know your TRE will be enormously successful.”

“Hi Jo – great session on Monday thankyou lots of very positive feedback especially my friend ***** has never had such relief from her back pain – she looking forward to it again /hope ok I lent her the book and gave your number she so interested.”

“That was amazing, wow!, I feel so relaxed and calm”

“Hi Jo, Class was great”

“I enjoyed my first TRE last week: after living in my head for 4 decades, I feel this is the way forward.”

“Thanks so much for introducing me to TRE, I’ve done it quite a lot on my own and I really do feel it’s making a difference to my stress levels”

“Thanks for a lovely session yesterday. You are a really good teacher so clear and gentle.”

“Very delightful having the fascia sort itself out on Monday”

“I think TRE is very helpful and your teaching has given me the confidence to dive in and explore this amazing process of release.”

“Hi Jo, sun out, the first early potatoes dug this morning and a TRE session that helped to unwind this nervous system-stimulated by a very expensive MOT!”

“With Jo’s gentle and reassuring clear guidance a TRE session allows my body to self-express in a series of sometimes minimal, and sometimes wild and weird movements -using its own intelligence to unwind both recent and deeper seated trauma.”

“Jo has bought an amazing useful tool into my life which enables me to be more in control when I notice any emotional issues creeping in. I am so grateful to have experienced classes with her. I feel everyone should be taught TRE  for their own health and well being.”

EFT Feedback

“Within a short time I’ve found EFT to be very beneficial, and am grateful to Jo for both introducing me to the concept and guiding me through my first experiences of it.  I find the whole process to be quite straightforward and that has enabled me to experience increased relaxation for the first time in many years.  I’m pleased to have found something so effective that is so simple”

“After just one EFT session with Jo, my deep seated 50 year old extreme phobia of snakes, is now very much more under control. I am able, after trying many other methods to loose my fear, to be rational and look at a picture of a snake or watch one on television without ‘freaking out’. I find this incredible as do my friends and family. I have yet to have my 2nd session after which I hope to be able to experience looking at snakes dispassionately.”

“I had not recognised just how stressed I had become until other people, mainly colleagues and family pointed it out. I was working hard to cope with a demanding career and an equally demanding personal life…”

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“I’m actually on a bit of a ‘high’ after your session -I am feeling so positive about absolutely everything!”

TRE & Yoga Nidra Workshop Feedback

“I came across the day through an internet search in response to  an increasing attraction to yoga nidra as a practice. I’d also seen TRE on the net before- videos of people releasing tension resonated strongly with my own experience of spontaneous release over a number of years through chi gung, craniosacral therapy and meditation but I’d not tried TRE myself.”

“I appreciated the combination of yoga nidra and TRE. You both created a sense of a safely held space and an open invitation to let the body unfold by following it’s own wisdom.  I had full confidence in you both to hold whatever was revealed and was surprised at how effective TRE was in initiating a sequence of releasing waves that at times were very active in the body while my mind seemed mostly quiet and curious.”

“This kind of release can seem alarming to an observer and I’ve had processes like this shut down in other therapeutic situations so it was a pleasure to be given full permission  to just let it do its thing. I found the group situation actually normalised what could otherwise be seen as bizarre behaviour- makes it less ‘special’- just the body naturally unwinding itself. Deep gratitude to you both for this work”

Yoga Feedback

“My husband and I always look forward to our weekly yoga sessions with Jo. She has an intuitive appreciation of which poses and stretches will benefit us the most and we always move more easily and feel more energised after our sessions.”

“I had been worried about joining a class, but the minute you started, I felt yes, I’m home, I arrived. Thank you!”

“Your class was soft warm and cosy”

“I love your voice I wish I had a recording”

“Love your voice”

Restorative Yoga Feedback

“it helped to quieten my Vata (busy) mind. It worked for better than meditation for me”

“I loved loved feeling supported
and held.”

“I  treasure these moments, you get me into my bubble beautifully.”

“having you  near with a calm mind makes a difference.”