Resilience for Transformation:

An Introduction to The Resilience Toolkit with Nkem Ndefo

20th November 6.00 – 9.00 pm

At Exeter Community Centre

17, St Davids Hill, Exeter, EX4 3RG


I am so happy for Nkem to be joining me for an evening to share her amazing evidence based Resilience Toolkit.

I have been fortunate to benefit from Nkem’s guidance and sharing. And I feel for any of us on our own healing journey or those of us supporting others to reduce stress or address trauma. The Toolkit is a life changing resource.

This interactive 3-hour workshop introduces you to The Resilience Toolkit, a culturally responsive framework for reducing stress, addressing trauma, and building resilience in individuals and groups. Discover how The Toolkit empowers people from diverse backgrounds living with social injustice and oppressions, with a framework to identify their own stress activation, trauma responses, and relaxation patterns. Learn how The Toolkit encourages appropriate regulation skills in a way that honours cultural and historical experiences and fosters choice and self-agency. The workshop will offer experiential use of a selection of skills from the Toolkits carefully curated, evidence based suite of practices.

The Toolkit’s creator, Nkem Ndefo, will share this innovative framework and provide opportunities for practice and discussion. We’ll discover how The Toolkit is different from other modalities of addressing stress and trauma. Nkem will reveal how The Resilience Toolkit has been successfully implemented in a variety of clinical, community, and professional settings. And together we’ll discuss how The Toolkit can be woven into existing personal and professional practices.


To find out more about Nkem and her work please take a look at her website.


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